View Full Version : [Terra] Graphics artist looking to work for your clan!

17-12-05, 12:19
Need an ultra-cool clan logo made up? Need some new graphics for your website? What about a nice signature for the forum? Well, I'm a professional photoshop user.

I'm also skilled in PHP, phpBB modding, and website creation and design. If you need a website made, also, come and see me. I'm offering my skills for trade or by charge of credits in Neocron - Terra server. I think this is a unique way to spread my skills to clans and others without having to take in the seriousness of IRL money.

My current pricing comes as follows:

Clan Logo: (High quality .jpg/.gif, can also supply vectors. I will also make the logo into a brush and release it to you as a PSD so you can use the logo over, and over)
-WITH PSD: 600,000 NC
-WITHOUT PSD: 300,000 NC

Misc. Website graphics: (Recruiting propaganda found in the RAGNAROK recruiting thread, advertising campain images, etc.)
-WITH PSD: 400,000 NC
-WITHOUT PSD: 250,000 NC

All other graphic genres:
-Mail Antisense for negotiations.
|Website Work

PHP shopping cart:
-This solution is PERFECT for tradeskill clans. I will design a shopping area where a runner will go to your website, look over your inventory, select what he/she wants to buy, and then submits the order. From there, you will tell me who you want emailed with the order. From there, you will contact the buyer and complete the trade in-game. The script will come with sourcecode, and the language will be in PHP. No mySQL databases required.
-3,000,000 NC

Neocron Clan Website Template:
-This is a template. It is a single design for you to base your clan's website off of. You and I will sit down and talk about your clan's overall personality, and from there I will design the graphics for the website, the layout, and everything else. After that, it's yours to work with and build your website around. I will design all graphics work in photoshop, and PSD includes are optional. Flash use is also optional.
-WITH PSD: 10,000,000
-WITHOUT PSD: 5,000,000
-WITH FLASH, WITH PSD: 15,000,000
All prices are also open for trade or negotiations. Mail Antisense for more information.

You are required to pay half up front, and half after the job is complete. Full refund if you are not pleased.

(To any moderators: I know the rules of neocron about selling in game items for IRL money, but I don't think offering IRL services for in game money is against the ToS. Tell me if it is!)