View Full Version : [Terra] |RAGNAROK| - Recruiting Thread

16-12-05, 13:37

RAGNAROK is recruiting. If you want in badly, and not BIOTECH, we'll get you in.*

RAGNAROK, the only choice.

*-This is a limited recruiting session. Only a number of hand selected recruits will be accepted.

16-12-05, 16:10
Nice Sig dude , to whoever made it

17-12-05, 06:38
Thanks for the compliment. The graphics is all me. ;)

17-12-05, 20:22
np mate ive got to do it lol hardly of you come visit us in the other Vent channels lol.
the graphics go down to whatever program people use and the amount of time we put into something that small.

Merry Xmas dude. and good look to the Recruitment.
(stupid Nc bugs , black screen syncs. i havent been on nc for about a week due to it. lol)