View Full Version : [Terra] Old Player looking for clan

12-12-05, 03:58
I was Skojax/postagirl in NC1... Im comin back now lookin for an active clan of any faction... preferably anti-city or CM.

Ive got 3 chars that need a clan i will be activley playing all of them once i get some credits to reroll their templetes...

1st: Capped Tank: His con setup is fubared atm horribly
2nd: Capped PE
3rd: Closley capped rifle spy, will probobly roll to pistol after i cap him.

Im looking for a active PvP clan that also hunts and quests together. Right now im dealing with some Click2Pay issues so i should have my account re-subbed in less than a week (I hope)

Shenyu Reza
12-12-05, 16:37
You're too old roflolilol :angel:

12-12-05, 16:49
You're too old roflolilol :angel:

Yes. Yes he is. Geez :rolleyes:

If PvP is what yer after - it's open season for anyone CM - you're a walking shoot me sign. You'll never have to provoke anyone :p

There's plenty of choice there :p

Or if you like your PvP a little more "Get the fuck out of my appt entrance you cocksucker!," then FA might be good for you. Plus we're a lovely lot.

Shenyu Reza
12-12-05, 21:23
Buuuh I was laughing :(

12-12-05, 22:13