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11-12-05, 09:50
As some of you found out today Sync Into Neocron Radio is back! We had a "little" fundraiser of selling candy this evening and ended up with the best kick off party we could have imagined. Thanks to everyone for your Support.

Debbie Domino and I are pleased to bring back the Radio station, this time under the Tsunami flag. With Lady Veroniques support we have been able to get the entertainment industry back onto the airwaves all over Terra. We want to make clear in the interest of Entertainment we are completely neutral to all factions. Afterall why shut out more than half our customer base?

So in the light of all this good news, we need your help!

To become a member of SIN Radio you don't have to be a DJ. We have many positions availble for people who like to be apart of the events and make them run smooth.

Many positions included are::

DJ assistants :: You are there for every event the DJ holds and help them hand out prizes to winners or get everyone to understand the point of the event, or just getting them some sin soda if they run out, it's hard being a DJ after all.

Fan Boy or Girl :: We need dedicated supporters. You help us raise funds or spread awareness of an upcoming event. You attend as many as possible and enjoy them!

Volunteers :: You are our gears. Without you we wouldn't be cool. You are the bartenders, door greeters, and announcers for the upcoming events. Many times our DJs are busy getting their vinyl in the proper order and testing mich set up. Their assistants are checking on the prize stash and the fan boys are getting drinks for us. We need you to make sure we all get together on time in the right place and it goes well.

Event Organizers :: You are the idea people. You come up with something zanny, a date and get a DJ to run it. You make sure we have technical support if needed and get gm support if needed. You make sure it gets to the advertising department and the fan boys know what they are talking about when they chat about it.

And of Course, The DJ :: You have to be available to run the events. You are the celebrities that get the credit for the work. You are SINR and everything you do reflects on us. You have to have a music selection to play during, before or after your event. You have to have a mic to talk during the event, no music only here. You have to be able to play our advertisers commercials and sounders. You have to be there when you are advertised! It is simply really, but this is a must.

To Qualify you must be a Tsunami Runner and chat with Debbie Domino or me, Lilie Duchamps, in game or on irc.enterthegame.com #sinradio.

Thanks Terra, your support is amazing and we can't wait to start giving the community the Entertainment it deserves!

Lilie Duchamps

20-12-05, 05:32
I've been a shoutcast talkshow host for sometime now with my own self operated DNAS server. I have all my equipment set for shoutcast and whatnot. I'm also a very skilled DJ and I play VERY EBM/Cyberpunk genre stuff. Perfectly tuned for a Neocron Runner. I can also do runner call-ins and put it over the radio.

All you need to provide is a server, and give me a little shoutout space, and you've got a SIN talkshow host. I can cover politics, events, etc. etc.

Contact me under gnlakz at gmail.com

20-12-05, 07:46
Good to hear! Check your mail. =)

28-12-05, 08:18
As a matter of fact, I'd like to know if SIN Radio sells any fun bouncehouse thingies (http://www.firespiritparties.com/). That would be so much fun if they shipped to CA. :(

28-12-05, 08:23
Id love to know if sinradio would sell me some hairy winged elf's


I wouldnt mind buying a dragon egg either


I really want one :(

28-12-05, 08:28

That shit is SICK!

I'd LOVE one of those hairy manelfs!

28-12-05, 08:32
Yeah man I'd pay anything for it, ANYTHING.