View Full Version : [Terra] City Admin (Ventrilo)

10-12-05, 12:06
I am planning to be highly active with city admin faction on my street samurai (John Locke.) I am in dire need of a CA can who uses Teamspeak or Ventrilo. I really don't see the use of clans who don't use voice communication now days (They seem so inferior.) So if any CA clans out there with teamspeak or ventrilo are recruiting. Please leave a reply here or PM me.

11-12-05, 02:15
NIA has been restarted recently, and I was planning on using voice com for Neocron, probably Ventrilo since I've used it already, but I haven't sorted it out yet.

11-12-05, 22:48
When you get it sorted out let me know how to contact you ingame.

17-12-05, 03:43
Join n4crs thy us ventrilo