View Full Version : Clives Birthday time

Clive tombstone
26-10-05, 20:26
Well, itís my birthday; Iíve officially existed for two decades (thatís twenty years). I donít know what Iím gonna do today; I have the day off, but hmm. Ill figure something out.

I was hesitant to post this on here, because I feel arrogant doing so, but what the hell. :D

26-10-05, 22:37
Happy Bday Clive ^^

i suggest getting a capped droner and letting off a few kami3s in plaza 2 :lol:

quite entertaining tbh

or have a party on terra or rent the Fetish sexclub for a day or something..

Asurmen Spec Op
26-10-05, 22:52
Happy wankity Birthday mate!

26-10-05, 23:18
Joyeux anniversaire !

Clive tombstone
27-10-05, 05:22
Vash, I think youve Enspired a comic idea^^. hehe I can see it now

(a swarm of kamis is heading strieght towards the Camera, with runners fleeing in the direction of the Camera) Clive is sitting on the ledge of the medical building laughing maniacly while singing "Happy birthday too m3" while a symphony of Drone explosions go off^^

PS-thanks guys. :D

PEace out

Bugs Gunny
27-10-05, 09:13
Free drinks at the fetish club for you today :-)

27-10-05, 14:57
happy birthday clive, have a good one what ever u do.