View Full Version : The FETISH sexclub now open to all

Bugs Gunny
24-10-05, 09:10
The highly secret FETISH sexclub is now open to all.
You can find this club in military base, barracks 2, password is fetish.
Are you a spanker, a swinger a bondagist, a pantysniffer or do you just wanna see the strippers while chilling?
Then the club is yours to hang out in.

A great gourmet chef is present, as well as a large selection of beverages.
Try out our house special: Toxic waste on tap.

The club is a known hangout for Jake Hard, the infamous private eye.

Do you want to reserver the club for a private party?
Call 1-800-FETISH or email Gunnar Aegirson or Asurmen for more info.

Asurmen Spec Op
24-10-05, 09:26
Ive got a film of our opening party, but Im to lazy to host it today

24-10-05, 11:56
Ive got a film of our opening party, but Im to lazy to host it today

I hope theres some good facial hair.

25-10-05, 14:27
Just reactivated meh old account, can't wait to visit.

Vae Victis
25-10-05, 23:42
I called 1-800-FETISH, but I got the graveyards voicemail...

25-10-05, 23:51
I'm not going anywhere near it till I got something to protect my self with, I don't want to be killed and put in a cage :lol:

26-10-05, 06:56
Give us a schedule for fetish lessons, time and type ;)

26-10-05, 07:04
sounds like i'll need to pay a visit

26-10-05, 12:16

I need to speak ingame/PM with you.

Ive got an idea you may like the sound of :D

Asurmen Spec Op
26-10-05, 14:10
Well I get home at about 10PM GMT

27-10-05, 22:03
Well just went and had a look at your club. Thx gunnar for showing me around :)

Looked Great! Nice MORE people go and visit may have to start hanging out there :) but then again i may have to watch my ass when Asurmen is about :lol:

Clive tombstone
27-10-05, 22:46
Sounds like the perfect place for clive to hang, I definatly hang there being a CM myself anyways :D. There better be a Pint o toxic waste waitin there for me :p

28-10-05, 00:33
its a nice place you have, but it feels like its missing something...

Bugs Gunny
28-10-05, 08:05
The JAke hard char is now unkillable. People kept killing him and he respawned as the wrong char.
Also there is now a stripper moved onto the stage.

It's missing a drompen (you know who you are you sickos) and maybe some torches... and runners, people who chill there etc.

28-10-05, 13:07
Leave one of your pokers there, Bugs. That should make people start popping in.

Bugs Gunny
28-10-05, 13:12
For what? to get killed?
Besides, i can't realy poke people when i'm at work now can i? (actualy i can, but remote connecting makes the gamescreens drawing in the remote client VERY VERY slow)
I prefer being afk in a safezone to get sl up :-)

28-10-05, 15:17
Jake will never die!

If you kill Jake do you get money.

"You killed the Jake Hard you get 150cr"

It sure is a nice club.

Bugs Gunny
28-10-05, 15:30
Hate to burst your buble but jake hard is now an imortal npc with a fat belly :-)

28-10-05, 16:28
8| fuck

Asurmen Spec Op
28-10-05, 22:51
NO! the new jake hard is ugly!

Bugs Gunny
28-10-05, 23:27
People kept killing him.
That was the only male npc that was unkillable.

29-10-05, 01:03

Tratshh Shhhk*hic*arn reporting insh from *hic* Club Fet*hic* Fet*hic* Fet*hic*iscchhhh.

Woooo! Errm, All scchhecu- *hic* look at the asshh on that *hic*

What did you scchhay?

*Distant grumbling*

Shhhh! quiet Jake im makingscch a transhmischon *hic*

*Glass Breaking*

Aww now look what scchooo done, scchoo sccchhtoopid dru--


Mr Kot
31-10-05, 03:37
Did i miss the video of the opening party?

Or is it posted elsewhere?

31-10-05, 09:08
Great club! I stop in every time I'm in the MB.

Keep up the good work guys!

03-11-05, 00:23
Nice club, visited on apu ;)