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26-08-05, 18:10
1st Thread / Announcement (http://forum.neocron.com/showthread.php?t=127460)

1. Statement:
Because of a lot of misunderstandings, here is a more detailed statement including the original post:

Ceres Project Team extension

Due to a large number of requests, we have organized our thoughts on how to get the story & atmosphere across to the runners in a more efficient way.
At this moment, there are the Governors / Doy Alliance Leader, Job Dealers and the Reporters. The priority of these characters was always on the whole alliance, not on the single factions. Because of this, the people on the streets missed a direct contact person of the Ceres Project in their faction. This is going to change with the new Faction Assistant.

The Faction Assistant (short FA dont confuse with Fallen Angels) will work in their faction with the focus on the faction.
Together with the other FAs, other members of the Ceres Project and the magazines (Neocronicle, VotR) they will work for the Alliance as well.

Scope of duties:
- Collect & provide faction news
- Gather suggestions, ideas, requests within the faction and put them in action with assistance from the Ceres Project Team & EGMs (Events, Meetings, Medal Awardings...)
- Provide assistance to the Council when it comes to political issues/difficulties.
- Represent the Alliance in your Faction (keep the alliance up to date concerning the faction)

Side note: Those of you who have been with Neocron a little longer might spot some similarities to the old Faction Counsellors back in NC1. The Faction Assistants are a mix of both, Faction Counsellors and the current Ceres Project RP-Chars - introduced to strengthen the individual factions and the alliance.

The minimum requirements (as usual):
- At least 4 months of Neocron experience
- Age 21+ years
- Good skills in English and German are a plus, but not a must-have requirement.
- RP

Detailed applications including char-name, account name, forum account reference and a note on the faction you apply for, can be sent to chenoa@reakktor.com

2. FAQ:

2.1: What is the Ceres Project?
The Ceres Project is a RP Project KK started that coordinates events to advance the storyline / story parts. The members of the Ceres Project are KK provided RP Characters (they never go OOC) who are at the disposal of the game. The members are volunteers (but no GMs!).

2.2: What is the Faction Assistant?
The FA is a connection point between the Ceres Project and the Runners. He works for the Alliance with duties and priorities specific to his faction. They are contact persons for the runner, mediators, etc.

2.3: Why was it necessary to create the Faction Assistant?
The current characters of the Ceres Project are doing a great job, but it isnt possible for them to go into the factions and step up to the runners in the factions. The new Faction Assistants will be at home in their factions and there they will be a contact person for the Ceres Project.

2.4: What are the tasks of the Faction Assistant?
The main task of the FA is, of course, to be in his faction and to talk with the runners as a contact person of the Ceres Project. That also means he has to collect ideas and suggestions from the runners in his faction, forward them to the Ceres Project and the EGMs and help them to implement the ideas in the game (events, meeting, medals). The Governor / DAL should be kept up-to-date by the Faction Assistants.
Another important task of the FA is to collect news in his faction, to write them and to publish it in the magazines (Neocronicle , VotR).

2.5: What position does the Faction Assistant take in the Faction / in the game?
In his faction, he works together with the council / MOC / DAC Project as an equal. He is on the same level (except as a KK given RP Char), supports the faction, forwards information, communicate, helps, etc.

2.6: How can the Faction Assistant take influence in the game?
If there are runner questions, he contacts the Ceres Project outright and works together with both sides. He supports the Runner and helps in his faction to make Events and Stories. He is also a big help for the Governor / DAL inside of his faction.

2.7: What do you expect from me if I want to become a Faction Assistant?
Feeling for RP, Faction knowledge, engagement, motivation, time, high spirits and strong nerves =)

2.8: What are the minimum requirements for my application?
- At least 4 month of Neocron experience
- Age 21+ years
- Good skills in English and German are a plus, but not a must-have requirement.
- RP

2.9: Where can I send my application?

2.10: What happens after I have been advised?
You will soon get an answer regarding the next steps to be taken if you are chosen. (Previous applications were collected and will also be answered. Because of the misunderstandings, this has changed a bit)

3. Citycom / political:

Ideas were collected and are still in editing.

Dribble Joy
26-08-05, 18:41
Just to clarify: Do those who have allready applied need to do so again?

26-08-05, 19:06
Just to clarify: Do those who have allready applied need to do so again?

Read 2.10 : old applications were collected and will be answered as soon as possible (will wait for more a few days and then working on them)

Dribble Joy
27-08-05, 01:52
Just checking.

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asc ftw

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How long do we have to wait for replies? Roughly, I appreciate it takes time to work through applications.

Dribble Joy
14-09-05, 15:55
Allready done. (http://forum.neocron.com/showthread.php?p=1873240#post1873240)