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Two weeks (http://forum.neocron.com/showthread.php?t=127244) after my visit to neocron's old industrial suburbs and the shaking discoveries i finally was feeling prepared. I had analysed Smith's datacube repeatedly. Two things had come to my mind: on the map two of the uplinks were missing and un-connected. And underneath the pictures i found a damaged audio track. Between hissing, crackling and chirping there was a voice that warned to keep away from the „guardians".

I listened to that voice again and again, but i didn't have the faintest idea who those guardians would be. And why to stay away from them by all means. In the endless wastes and in the dungeons beyond i had seen a lot of terrifying creatures. I knew warbots and titans (mostly lying on the ground), i had seen the blue flames in the doy tunnels and green clouds down at the shaman. In some cab of mine still is a dusty energy soul blade, i took from that appartition dude, on a long past day, backed by Lisa. So i was pretty sure i would get along with those guardian guys.

Some feeling told me i would find the key to that mace in one of the two missing uplinks. For no good reason i took Fosters and a walk towards it, from Crest village. And said hello to Father Morpheus. He was sure the satanic Fallen Angels were behind that mess, as always.


„Greetings, Reverend Father!"
„Greetings, son, i see you are still walking the right way!"
He surely was talking about that Crahn sign at my weapons belt.
„Yes, father, and it takes me to Fosters."
„An unholy place, stained by old sins of those unholy Fallen Angels!"
„Err, yes, father, i need to go..."
„Crahn with you, son!"

Marching through the mountains in that region is somewhat dangerous. Y-troopers around the next corner, or one false step to make you slip and break your neck - but this time i was lucky and reached Fosters at dawn.


No turrets, no people. I went downstairs, carefully watching. Hm. All consoles were in stand-by.


Endless hallways. Nothing but dust.


All the way down i met a first-aid man. at least he was selling first-aid resources.


„Hello, my name is Torg.. i came here rather accidentially."
„Hello, i am Ian Brecynsky. Do you need a medikit oder something like?"
„Uhm, i think i got some in my backpack. Well, this place isn't like carnival, right?"
„Pardon me?"
„Well," i waved my hand to the empty hall, „don't you feel bored sometimes?"
Brecynsky looked down. I could hear him breathe. „Sometimes it is better to be on you own."
„Is that why the consoles are on stand-by, unlike Sieger, Tescom or Tristar?"
„Oh, the security measures against the guardians..."
„Guardians? Tell me more!"
„No, i just told you enough!"
„Listen, Brecynsky, i'm into this for a long time. I need all the info - tell me what you need: money, weapons? Can get it all."
He was looking tired.
„I don't need money. I don't need weapons. I have an automatic pistol to clear my way. There is just one thing you could do for me."
„What is it?"
He searched his pocket, then put a sheet of dirty foil on the desk. A flyer, promoting some nightclub. Something written on the flipside.
„Please talk to Maria. Ask her on my behalf for one last meeting."
I read the adress, one of the most shabby and dark corners of the Dome of York.
„Talk to her."
„I'll try."


Getting back into civilised areas was straight: i took the Genrep. I needed the right clothes for my next visit to DoY. Shabby stuff, some kevlar maybe. And a smaller rifle. Uh, this old pain easer. Scratches all over. Perfect.

Again i took the Genrep from my App to DoY city center. This area is somewhat dangerous, as vigilants from neocron city use to duel their political beliefs with DoY-dwelling runners. So i doubled my concentration, got the stealth ready, got my ass moving. red light quarters. Shortly after i arrived at the corner that was described on the back of that flyer. A young woman leaning on some wall or steel pylon. „Shit, what a beauty!", i thought, appoaching.


„Hi, i'm Torg."
She looked at me with an ironical smile.
„Uh? Any special requests?"
„Nah. I've met Ian at Fosters".
Her smile went, faded like the colours on the swamp blossoms as the heavy, damp swamp fog covers them.

„Oh Ian", she sighed, „that all is a thing of the past."
„He wants to talk to you. One last time."
She shook her head.
„No. I'm just an idea to him he want's to own. That's his life. Yes, we had a nice time, back then in Pepper Park. Until he started dealing with the syndicate, for those guardians..."
„Ian told me of the guardians.."

Down the street i noticed two syndicate guys, strolling along, rifles hanging down casually. They stopped, dropping cigarettes. Something was smelling fishy.

„You need to go," Maria whispered, „meet Charles at Nexus Towers B, bring a few tech parts with you, tell him the desert rose sent you."
The two thugs were watching us, weapons slipped into their fists. Maria pushed me forward: „DeLaCroix!"


The Tsunami-Rifles raised - i was just around the corner, crawled up some pipes, sneaked past a pylon, watched the scene through a crack in the wall: Maria was pointing down the street, talking to the thugs. One nodded, they moved on, looking for me.


I hurried to get out of there, found a quiet Genrep in the Fallen Angels sector and luckily arrived home shortly after. Damned. The Syndicate. Had worked for them once. No problems whatsoever. Until now. Damned. Nexus Towers, right in the heart of neocron, plaza quarter. I had lived there for a long time, run a real estates company, nice business with people from abroad. I better not show up there. Not because of my deals with the dragons and the rebels. Nobody ever noticed that. But because of ... some trouble at the Diamond HQ after my company broke down. I was listed at the NCPD's most wanted for quite a time... Whatever, i would get that straight pretty soon. Thats what connections are for....

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Fan-Fic and Photos. Pretty well-written, too.

However, methinks this sort of thread needs to be in the Terra RP forum. It'd find a quite warm welcome there.

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Fan-Fic and Photos. Pretty well-written, too.

However, methinks this sort of thread needs to be in the Terra RP forum. It'd find a quite warm welcome there.

And it probably wouldn't get the attention it deserves :)

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just as good as the last one, looking forward to the next

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Yar - quite enjoyed that, t'would make a good RP quest ingame too :p

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Nice story, i really like it. Anxious to read more :)


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An another succes, but i preferedthe first one :p

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well. be sure you have not heard the whole truth. i've been exploring into that matter lately, and there's even more than i thought. the guardians - don't mistake them for twilight guardians, who are nice chaps all together. while the elder guardians are definitely not. i better had listened carefully to father morpheus' words. it may be too late now. crahn bless us all.

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Nice story ! Good to see the pics aswell

11-08-05, 12:23
...returning from a hunting expedition, i was surprised to find a new message from Eyn Steyn on my hometerm's screen.
He wrote:
"evrything's fine, as long as people don't know about Fosters :)"
So Fosters seems to be the key. Looks like i need so see Ian one more time.

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Thread restored.