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27-04-05, 17:39
The Flying Circus Clan Logs

Below are some selected logs from the Tangent Technologies clan, TFC.
(OOC prob just gonna be my characters, as most of my clanmates don't use the offcial forums)

27-04-05, 17:57
Date: 01/11/2782
Runner: CMuster
Rank: Crack Suicide Squad

We heard rumours of a caves of wonders and danger, in the far north of the continet. Futher inquiries led us to Tescom uplink as being the closest location to this location.
Upon arriving at Tescom uplink, having taken an unusal route from <<censored by CityAdmin>> to Tescom, so as to avoid the large prolfieration of DoY bots, we saw that the owning clan had established a large number of Artillery Turrets, which created quite beatuiful (although harmful) pattersns in the sky.
Somewhere to the north of the uplink, we located an entrance to some Worm Tunnels, such as are moderatley common across the northern Desert. Inital entry showed much the same as the other tunnels - tunnels apparently carved from the bedrock, with a sparse collection of soulclusters.
However, an area where the tunnels dived under waters was found by a member of our team. Investigation showed it led into a vast cavern, filled with a vast number of soulclusters and fen fires.
As we battle with this horde of stange, ethereal creatures, it became clear that something more, something stronger was also there. Hitting with the power of 10 soulcusters, yet as insubstatianl as a dream, was another thing. This "appartion" was a deadly and tough opponent, yet was eventually eliminated/
Upon killing the appartion, we found an energy blade of outstanding quality and power, an item we have learned is know as a soulblade.
Stood though, in the now quiet secret cavern, we realised this was a place of great beauty and majesty. Maybe we were wrong to come in here and disturb these lost souls in their secret place.

27-04-05, 21:02
TFc is a Hl1 mod :lol: TeamFortressClassic :D

Bugs Gunny
03-05-05, 11:11
Nice pictures as usual

Original monk
03-05-05, 12:18
you a photographer cmaster ? :)

altough there all nice, you yust gotta love the first and last picture !

(you guys got lucky, the appartition didnt drop anything last time, luckely i have one of NC1 left :) )

is it still the case that you cant mod a soulblade with a laserbladeultima ? in NC1 you couldnt :/ (tough my old ones arty handling/damage anyway)

Obsidian X
04-05-05, 17:11
Do Soulblades still look the same? I heard they'd upped the TL of them (I transferred one from NC1, STR 90, but sold it because I was desperately strapped for cash :( )

04-05-05, 18:22
Cmaster should be KKs ingame photographer :lol:

05-05-05, 14:27
Date: 05/11/2782 (I have no idea what the ingame date was, or how to find it out
Runner: CMastar
Rank: Crack Suicide Squad Captain

Marked on the world map featured on my RPOS was the "Gaia mine". Inquiring, I learned that the 'main facility' of tha Gaia mine had its entrance in F-13 a location I had become familiar with rhinoing. Upon arrival, I found a group of the allied clan, BLOOD, fighting with some anti-city enemies. After providing some assitance in this fight, I proceeded inside. The huge doors creaked open and I stepped inside.

The interior of this facility dived down a shaft, and then had a load of industrial type-tunnels, which had apparently become populated by malfunctiony and traitorous copbots, armed with some kind of laser pistol or rifle.

As the factility dived deeper, the tunnels became less neat and enclosed, and rock walls more common place. The copbots continued to atempt to interupt my journey, too. Thankfully my combat skills were more than adequate to dispatch these threats, and my psi skills sufficent to prevent any real damage.

Then, the mining facility dived suddenly deeper still, deeper than it had up to this date and plunged me into water at the bottom. Not to be detered, I proceeded futher, swimming through the murkey water. (OOC or just walking along the floor, because the water there is bugged)

This was the limit of my expedition, for in this last cavern laid abandoned mining equipment, and a small building of some description. In addition, there was a tiny, almost harmless warbot. This mystififed me somewhat so after dispatching it, I ventured into the building. Inside was unsuprisingly yet more copbots, and to my fear, a malfunctioning STORM bot. This dearsome adversary was wielding an exceptional Laser Cannon, that seemed barely the worse for its time in these mines. Throuughout a long struggle, I eventually managed to down the bot, and hack its STORM Laser from it. I seem to have got a little lens flare on this photo, sorry.

05-05-05, 15:23
If you hold your mouse over the body in the lower right of your RPOS it will show you the current ingame date as long as your not bugged at 1-1-2750.

06-06-05, 13:16
Date: 21/12/2782 (Forget what the date was)
Runner: CMastar
Rank: Crack Suicide Squad Captain

Myself a my clanmate Archy (Rank: Ooh, look a the pretty fire) had managed to aquire the new NEXT Quad vehicles, through a slightly strange dealings with other runners and that weirdo, Mr Jones - my old contacts at NEXT couldnt help me. Anyway, taking our new wheels out for a spin led to a slightly epic trek. Heading east from MB, dodgin (or killing) the warbots and bouncing across the rough terrain.
A quick stop off on the north coast provided some dramatic scenery, and some wildlife for Archy to set fire too.
Crossing the mountinas proved to be somewhat troublesome, with the quad demonsratting that hill climbing was not its forte. However, following a qucik stop for a beer at the Twister bar, the Steppes provided a fun opportunity to put the pedal-to-the-metal.
Negotiating the complex twists and turns of the canyons brought us once again to the collosal warbot statue (nicknamed "Warren" by some runners, but I'm not sure I have the courage to call it anything except "Sir").
A little deeper into the canyons, we found we werent the only runners out in NEXT vehicles. A gentank was showing an intelligence beyond what was typical for his class and operating a Rhino 4x4, although he did confess to using drugs to help him handle the strenuous mental challenge.
Finally, we pulled up the ASG in I-16, where the bunker still contained some hostages Henry Dorsett seemed to have forgotten about during the rescue attmept.

06-06-05, 13:36
Date: 7/01/2783 (Forget what the date was)
Runner: CMoster
Rank: Oooh, Look at the pretty fire

An urgent call came out that Gravis was under attack, but for once not from TG or CS, but tthe Anarchy Breed. Turning up it became clear that a huge bijer gang, aligned with the Anarchy Breed had taken over the outpost geographically, even if they couldnt take control of the security systems (stupid vandals, no better than gentanks). So, seeing this violence and brutality at a pro-city outpost, popular with levelling people - I decided to add to the destruction. A few nice energy barrels and Holy Lightning blasts later, and there was a huge pile of vandal corpse building up. (thanks to Sap for keeping me alive). Futher lightnig-wreathed destuction was necessary to drive the vandals out of the outpost underground too.

It occured to me though, looking around at the corpses of soldiers and strippers, that there had been one hell of a party here before the vandals arrived. Kinda angry I wasnt invited...

15-01-06, 16:05
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