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  1. [FIXED] Recover backpack button appears in choose GR to revive window
  2. [FIXED] [testserver] NC1 chars?!
  3. [FIXED] Scout Drones
  4. [FIXED] ASG Terminal Bug
  5. [FIXED] Screenshots do not render correctly
  6. [INTENDED] Don't know if this is a bug - Reusing Clan Key
  7. [CLOSED]Fallen Angels HQ (turrets)
  8. [FIXED][][R#174]*Missing* Smuggler (High Tech Cannons)
  9. [FIXED][MERGED]Position bug after using anti-grav elevator
  10. [FIXED][00652]Routing Plaza to Pepper
  11. [FIXED] 2 gameworld bugs
  12. [FIXED] Mr Jones Inquisitor Quest.
  13. [FIXED] Overcasting PPU Shield with "foreign" PPU Shield possible
  14. [CLOSED] VHC-Bug
  15. [FIXED] Not possible to deposit money onto the clan account
  16. [FIXED] Not possible tho obtain Outposts
  17. [FIXED][00655]DoY Table/Bed Wrong Info
  18. [FIXED]Plaza District - Gameworld Bugs
  19. [FIXED] Inventory transfer bug
  20. [FIXED] Where is this thing!!!!????
  21. [FIXED] Low TL Drones Broken
  22. [FIXED] Biotech Research Mission- Broke
  23. [CLOSED] Banned for 7 days, support email does not work
  24. [FIXED] ALT+TAB At login screen
  25. [FIXED] NPC localization
  26. [FIXED] TL92 Tangent Assault Pulselaser Pistol not in game
  27. [FIXED][00231][R#176] Anti-CA HQ GR Prices Too High
  28. [FIXED] World Map
  29. [FIXED] Tanks with LE'd drivers can be destroyed
  30. [FIXED]Beam Weapons don't aaways damage players
  31. [FIXED] No opponent Mobs in Hacknet
  32. [CLOSED]Small list of Bugs
  33. [FIXED] Caracter damage
  34. [FIXED][R#178] Jail House Traders Sell Nothing
  35. [FIXED] Cyclop Launchers can't hit Drone
  36. [FIXED]Via Rosso District - Gameworld Bugs
  37. [CLOSED]Regants Legacy Dungeon
  38. Pepper Park District - Gameworld Bugs
  39. [FIXED][00109][R#174] Dragon's Wrath Mission Spawns
  40. [00213]Le'd runners killing le'd Rhinos
  41. [FIXED]Screenshots not working?
  42. [INTENDED] Tech@neocron.com & Tech@neocron.de dont work and i get a crash
  43. [CLOSED]Freeload
  44. [FIXED] Ferguson Mission Code Snippets
  45. [FIXED]World Data not found!
  46. [FIXED]Found but not missed...
  47. [INTENDED] Canyon Challange Quest
  48. [FIXED] RPOS back to default upon death/synchbug
  49. [FIXED] Alt Tabbing Crashes
  50. [FIXED]Military Base, Tech Haven & TG Canyon - Gameworld Bugs
  51. [FIXED] Crash at Charscreen / Crash bei der Charakterwahl
  52. [FIXED] Obliterator
  53. [CLOSED]Gameworld Bugs Discussion
  54. [FIXED] •Dropped support for DirectX 7 = Game crashes at launch
  55. [CLOSED]Cast Probleme APU/PPU
  56. [FIXED] clipping issues
  57. [FIXED]Starting the client with DirectX 9 failed
  58. [FIXED] [PTS#176] Neoconstruct -> Plaza 1
  59. [FIXED] [T177] EXP Mission Issue
  60. [CLOSED]Hacknet Items NPC
  61. [CLOSED] Test server // PA/no PA
  62. [INTENDED] [PTS] Removed D3D7 Support?
  63. [FIXED][174] Login-Screen errors
  64. [FIXED] [R#174] Jumbled Runner Skins
  65. [INTENDED]Runspeed on Testserver
  66. [FIXED] Hacknet Mobs missed
  67. [CLOSED]Bugs in #177
  68. [CLOSED][R#174] Snow draw distance problems
  69. [FIXED] Combat Ranks in patch 177
  70. [FIXED] Venture Warp
  71. [MULTI][CLOSED]Dont forget about these old bugs please...
  72. [FIXED][#174] Rarepart drop algorithm appears to be skewed (not random)
  73. [CLOSED][T177] Inability to use PPU Spell as Spy
  74. [INTENDED][PTS] lol @ silly bug - dying from hacking fail
  75. [FIXED][T#177] 177 & the PPUs
  76. [CLOSED]Crash nach ändern der Video-Optionen
  77. [FIXED] [T#178] & [R#175] Tradeskill missions not working
  78. [CLOSED][00679]A_06 to OZ-9 Tunnel
  79. [FIXED][T178] Clanmoney bug
  80. [FIXED]Drones
  81. [CLOSED]My other Characters will not log in, wierd
  82. [FIXED][00683][R#174]GR plant in Med PP Apt
  83. Pls check both Protofarm Faction Supply Managers (on Titan), both busy!
  84. [FIXED]Liste mit festgestellten Problemen
  85. [RESOLVED][00694]City Merc Epic
  86. [FIXED] Crash to desk top
  87. [CLOSED]Transportbug
  88. [FIXED] crash to login
  89. [FIXED][00697][Retail] Belt drop in Tyron Factory
  90. [FIXED] All Worlds are currenty Down
  91. [FXIED] PTS #180 - "Kicked to Login" Errors
  92. [FIXED][00696][Retail] Chair-Sign in Fortress-Outposts
  93. [FIXED]Timeout while searching on terminal for missions?
  94. [INTENDED] [R#175] Trader Faction missing?
  95. [FIXED][R#175] Character data was reset to the status before death
  96. [CLOSED]Serious connection issue
  97. [CLOSED][R#175] Login & Sync Failure
  98. [CLOSED][R#175] Titan.....Char stuck in limbo??
  99. [INTENDED][R#175] Titan
  100. [INTENDED][R#175] Team XP
  101. [INTENDED][R#176] Op security not working correctly.
  102. [CLOSED][R#175] Various Bugs
  103. [CLOSED][R#175] Direct X
  104. [FIXED][00189][R#175] Pepper Park Apartment Smuggler Missing
  105. [00701][KNOWN ISSUE][R#175] black screen after syncing?
  106. [CLOSED][R#176] Festgestellte Probleme / Bugs
  107. [CLOSED][R#176] Program start error (..maybe)
  108. [FIXED] [#176] Recycle FS 10 Fallen Angels Mission wont work
  109. [FIXED] [#R176] Hacknet terminals missing
  110. [FIXED][#R176] Keep getting stuck.
  111. [FIXED][00072][R#176] TL92 Tangent Assault Pulselaser Pistol in Game?
  112. [CLOSED][#R176] Crash to Desktop at Medi
  113. [CLOSED][R#176] Black Screen Crash
  114. [FIXED][00110][R#176] Wrong Appartment Exit
  115. [FIXED] [R#176] FA tradeskill missions broken
  116. [FIXED]PP3 World error?
  117. [FIXED][00194][R#176] Dre Epic Rank 35, BD NPC's to kill in Safezone BD Faction HQ
  118. [FIXED] [R#176] Can't activate GR in Apartments
  119. [FIXED]Autoupdater Not Updating
  120. [CLOSED]Csting bugged after server was crashing?
  121. [INTENDED][R#176] Armor Vendor Inventory
  122. [CLOSED][R#176] Faction Representative Vote not working
  123. [INTENDED][R176]Hvy Dura Belt not bp-able?
  124. [00201][CLOSED][CAN'T REPRODUCE][R#176] Random Freezing and White/Black screens.
  125. [MULTI][CLOSED][R#176] MY Buglist
  126. [INTENDED][R#176] Aggroed mobs attacking non-aggroing players
  127. [FIXED] [R#176] Crahn Epic Run /35 mission.
  128. [CLOSED][#R176]Crash to login
  129. [CLOSED][R#176] Character Creation is disabled for 17 minutes
  130. [INTENDED] [R#176] TL150 Res Missions dont give Soullight anymore?
  131. [FIXED][R#176] Stuck to the floor and cannot move.
  132. [RESOLVED] Call for your help: Broken missions
  133. [INTENDED][R#176] Retail Server - Drone Friendly Fire
  134. [CLOSED][R#176] client.exe crash
  135. [FIXED] [T#177] Open Access to Mc5
  136. [INTENDED][T#177] Copbot's low damage on NPCs // (maybe) bugged PPU shields
  137. [00743][R#176] CM missions incorrectly displaying npc location in dialogue.
  138. [FIXED] [#T177] Hacknet Combat ranks
  139. [FIXED] [T#177] Beginner Mc5 Spawn
  140. [RESOLVED][00744][T#177] Beginner Mc5 Hacknetsoftware Trader
  141. [INTENDED] [R#176] Jail guards can't be damaged
  142. [FIXED][00223][R#176] Outzone Sewer Bugged
  143. [FIXED][R#176] Black Dragon Delivery Missions (from the Job Term) are all broken
  144. [INTENDED] [T#178] Patch Notes Missing ;)
  145. [CLOSED]Report to Alduin - Titan
  146. [CLOSED][R#176] Report to Alduin
  147. [CLOSED][PTS] missing Energy Soulblade
  148. [FIXED][00256][R#178]"Aggressive" ppu modules
  149. [CLOSED][R#<175-178] Processor going to random screen location
  150. [00254][R#178&T#180] Can not enter my starter appy
  151. [CLOSED][R#178] Video mode selection duplicated
  152. [INTENDED][R#178] TT HQ NPC missing (to sell the off doy bot parts)
  153. [FIXED][00772][R#178]Black Dragon Starter Mission
  154. [INTENDED][R#178] Mission Generator Woes
  155. [00279][FIXED][R#178]Installer doesn't take care of d3d9 dependency
  156. [MULTI][CLOSED][R#178] Misplaced items
  157. [INTENDED][00280][R#178] Equilibrium of Forces 0slot wearing off like nothing.
  158. [INTENDED][R#178]Wrong skin on Automatic Pistol
  159. [RESOLVED][R#179] Money and Gogu gone
  160. [FIXED][R#179] Genrep list is empty
  161. [FIXED][00256][R#179-181]Psi88 Holy Antipoison doesnt work on LEd.
  162. [FIXED][R#179] Keep getting syncs in P1 while loming
  163. [INTENDED][R#179] No Belt Drop at Battledome
  164. [CLOSED][R#179] Runspeed / Cliping / warping
  165. [FIXED][R#179] Chars running against wall in apartment
  166. [FIXED][R#179] Bug Report 2
  167. [CLOSED][R#179] login and freeze
  168. [INTENDED][R#179]Hitzone Bug in Cave / PVE
  169. [INTENDED][R#179]Updater download location typo?
  170. [CLOSED] [00305][R#180] Crash on Inventory move
  171. [CLOSED][R#180] Connection loss
  172. [FIXED][00197][R#180] Virus Alert
  173. [INTENDED][R#180] Worldclient: Join proxy session failed
  174. [INTENDED][R#180] Team XP bugged/lowered on PPUs?
  175. [FIXED][00334][R#180] Tradebug.. Pls get this bug fixed.
  176. [FIXED][R#180]Wrong starting appartment?
  177. [CLOSED]When i start neocron the update gets about 99.9% done then just stops
  178. [FIXED][00337][R#180]Minirockets
  179. [FIXED][00335][R#180] blessed absorber sanctum description
  180. [RESOLVED][00331][R#180] Citycom Info/Factions/NEXT
  181. Neocron launcher emergency mode
  182. [INTENDED][R#179] Psi combat booster cannot selfcast
  183. [CAN'T REPRODUCE][00843][R#181] 50% chance of Sector F5 to F4 beams you to G05
  184. [CLOSED][T#182] Bugs und Fixes [Test vom 04.03.2013~10:30 Uhr]
  185. [FIXED][00344][T#182] Laser Cannons and all other weapons - no beam or projectiles
  186. [FIXED][00815][R#180] FA Techcore reset position
  187. [FIXED][00812][R#185]Blessed Damageboost Sanctum, discription not for this spell
  188. [FIXED][00200][T#182] Beam weapons getting animation but no damage.
  189. [RESOLVED] Can't connect to Vedeena?
  190. [CLOSED][T#183] FPS Einbrüche
  191. [FIXED][R#180] Ammo Vendor not sure if bug
  192. [cbt] NC Randomly Minimizes
  193. [FIXED][00824][T#184] Beam Weapons still don't deal dmg on moving targets.
  194. [FIXED][R#181] Everyone warps or Start/stops on.
  195. [INTENDED]tl88 halo....
  196. [R#181] Ackward model/texture on player
  197. [00400][CLOSED][T#186]City Admin Guards in front of the headquater
  198. [RESOLVED] Launcher wont run O.o
  199. [CLOSED][R#182] Copbots facing the wrong way
  200. [FIXED][00412][R#183] Copbot in Subway zoneline to Pepper Park 1
  201. [FIXED][00879][R#183] Copbot in P2 is confused
  202. [FIXED][R#183] Copbot corrupt name
  203. [FIXED][R#183]Beginner Mc5 NPCs moving weird again
  204. [RESOLVED][00882][R#183] Beginner Mc5 broken "Mission"
  205. [FIXED][00421] [R#183] Faction Sympathy Regeneration
  206. [RESOLVED][00883][T#186] Copbots in Pepper Park 1
  207. [FIXED][00415] Droners Kicked by server in El Farid whilst droning
  208. [RESOLVED][00424][R#183] Bugged Smuggler in El Farid Village
  209. [FIXED][00152][#R183] Twilight Guardian Recycling Missions
  210. [01574][FIXED][R#183] NEXT Sign at Desert Racetrack
  211. [Intended][R#183] Press escape twice to exit drone
  212. [Resolved] [R#183] Latency issues (aka > 900 ping)
  213. [Fixed] [R#183] Copbot corrupt name #2
  214. [BROKEN IMAGES][R#183] Geometry / placment errors
  215. [FIXED][R#183] Broken Copbots - Plaza 1
  216. [CLOSED] Need Help! mission log changed
  217. [RESOLVED] Installer error, cant install. Recieving message about NSIS
  218. [INTENDED] lost symp if u abort a tl150 mission
  219. [RESOLVED] Patch FTP
  220. [FIXED][R#184-T#185/5] gun switching
  221. [FIXED][Please Re-test] [R#184-T#185/5] Making a TG runner
  222. [FIXED][R#183] Recreation unit and Chair in front of term unusable (BD Clan App)
  223. [CLOSED] R#183 NPC is busy
  224. [FIXED][R#184-T#185] Beam/Ray weapon bugs again
  225. [FIXED][00460][R#184-T#188] Research Failing
  226. [FIXED][00461][R#184|T#188]Rares not stacking or rares that cannot be constructed
  227. [CLOSED][T#188] - punching sounds like gunfire
  228. [FIXED][R#184-T#188] Canyon Caves have wrong Exits
  229. [FIXED][R#184-T#188] TG Cave 6 exit to Cave 1
  230. [FIXED][00463][R#184] Signs in Sewers
  231. [WORKING] R 184 Crahn antiprotector
  232. [INTENDED][R#184] Faction Name Error
  233. [01000][FIXED][R#184] NavRay Faction HQ Names Error
  234. [INTENDED][R#184] Black Dragon Apt Possible Issues
  235. [RESOLVED][00158] [R#185] TG HQ Recruitment Officer issues
  236. [RESOLVED] I used the Launcher. How bad is it?
  237. [Won't Fix] Process causing performance problem
  238. [RESOLVED][00900][R#185] Job information: Droner
  239. [RESOLVED][R#185] Random FPS Drop.
  240. [RESOLVED][00963] Syncon UG
  241. [FIXED][00977][WEBSITE] date field missing on news etc.
  242. [FIXED] [WEBSITE] Pages not outputting any content
  243. [FIXED][01188]TG canyon allbuyer Navray error
  244. [RESOLVED] [WEBSITE] Account creation doesn't work
  245. [r-185] client crash
  246. [RESOLVED] having some issues logging into vedeena.
  247. Game will not install
  248. [FIXED][01573][R#198]Blank Jones/Mission NPC/Dod/Terminal Dialogue Mega Thread
  249. Launcher
  250. Twilight Corruption