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    Default Returning player, can't create character

    After choosing a class and name then 'Next', it says I must wait 17 minutes before creating a character. My pasword doesn't contain any of shown symbols.

    How do I get into the game?

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    Please refer to the following amendment from this thread: http://forum.neocron.com/showthread....ment-available
    Some account passwords may lead to a "Wait 17 minutes..." error on character creation. Please change your password and make sure the new password does not contain the "#" character. You can do this here:
    If you're certain you do not have a # in your password please email account@neocron.info so we can take a look at the account and identify any other issues.

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    I sent an email to helpdesk@necron.info but guess that was the wrong one. I'll resend it to the account@neocron.info one.

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    helpdesk@ is perfectly acceptable for a full run down of our support routes check out this information: http://forum.neocron.com/announcement.php?f=2&a=423
    I'm in a glass case of emotion!

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